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Tax Refund Preparation

Filing your tax return has never been easier. We’ll keep you organized and we use the latest filing software in the business. We are up to date our tax law continuing educations hours yearly. We get back the BIGGEST REFUNDS. Starting at $49.99

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IRS Audits & Tax Amendments

Let our Enrolled Agents map out the IRS audit or appeals process. We decipher legal jargon to help you reach a favorable adjudication.

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Social Security Hearings & Appeals

Let our Enrolled Agents map out and decipher social security hearings, and appeals process.

We also give direction on unemployment compensation appeals procedure.

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Bookkeeping, Payroll & Legal Billing

We provide bookkeeping and payroll services for small to large legal firms.

Let our legal billing expertise speak for itself by getting all of your accredited hours accounted for.

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Legal Transcription

Expunge that old criminal record in NJ TODAY!!! Request For Certificate of Good Standing in NYC Get your Record Expungement transcribed accurately and concisely for a better turnaround rate by our certified paralegals.

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Bankruptcy Petitions

                                              Get your legal forms and documents from the Legal Scrivener. D.I.Y. packets prepared  by our professionals with working knowledge in New York, New Jersey & Pennsylvania.

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Simple, Uncontested or No-Fault Divorces. Get clear and concise information from our certified paralegals.



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Process Serving

Discounted rates available for Counselors of Law.

Starting at $99.99



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Legal Inscribing 

Legal Documents, Forms, and Contracts

Wills, Deeds & Estates, Real Estate, Financial Legal Forms & more

Wills & Estates: Last Will and Testament Power of Attorney Living Will Real Estate: Transfer-On-Death Deeds Rental/Lease Agreement Commercial Lease Agreement Quit Claim Deed

Get your legal forms professionally filed out by our legal scriveners. Help filling government benefits,

Nosotros Desciframos Cualquier Forma Legal.




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Starting your own business?

Need help in getting your business started on the right foot, registering your company with all your licenses, permits and other legal procedures to successfully establish your business. Get clear and concise information from our certified paralegals.



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The Legal Scrivener


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