IRS Form 1065

Most frequent questions and answers

Depends on your service/job/craft/trade/investment endeavor.
Depends on how many partners | limited partners.
Maybe you need an LLP or a S-Corp. 

It is as simple as a verbal contract -not advisable-.
We get the EIN and an applicable state
licenses/registrations to exercise your service/craft.
Our paralegals can break down the
legal jargon every step of the way.
I have some good news. I have some bad news, IF, you are more then the “one man”/”mom & pop shop” structure you automatically are categorized and taxed as a 1065 Partnership.
At the state and federal levels of tax.
On the light side, we are here to help!
We shine in the gloomy tax world. Bright!
Ever business is unique.
For the appropriate assessment give us a call.
Every lifestyle is unique, every situations has different options.
We will give you the best outcome.
It can be as cheap as your personal tax return if
it is a simple partnership tax return.

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